To develop a National System of Education which would help to build a generation of youngmen and women that is.....

• committed to Hindutva and infused with patriotic fervor,
• fully developed physically, vitally, mentally and spiritually,
• capable of successfully facing challenges of day to day life-situations.
• dedicated to the service of our those brothers and sisters who live in villages, forests, caves and slums and are deprived and destitute, so that they are liberated from the shackles of social evils and injustice, and
• thus devoted, may contribute to building up a harmonious, prosperous and culturally rich Nation.

Anandram Dhandhania Sarswati Vidya Mandir Banshi Jha Lane, Bhudhanath Road,Bihar - 8012001,established in 15/04/2013 and founded with the co-operation of society.


Anandram Dhandhania Sarswati Vidya Mandir,Banshi Jha Lane, Bhudhanath Road, Bihar - 8012001.
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